Over the years many other respected restoration companies have employed our services. It comes as no surprise to us that restorations completed in excess of 20 years look as good today as when they were originally completed.


The body-shell restoration begins by grit-blasting to remove all corrosion and paint – our in-house system ensures that complete quality control is maintained over every stage of the restoration process. Grit-blasting is carried out to the world-renowned Swedish standard S.A. 2.5

The bodywork is epoxy resin coated in our climate-controlled spray booth and baked to provide excellent resistance to corrosion.

Any perforations are repaired using hand crafted panels made from original gauge metal, welded in place either by double and single-sided resistance spot-welding or MIG or TIG as appropriate.

Seams and joints are then lead-loaded.

The underside of the body is coated using an abrasion-resistant coating and cavities are injected with an anti-corrosion wax.

The body shell is spray painted with several coats of moisture-resistant two-pack acrylic primer.

The final colour coats are then sprayed by hand. In all at least 19 coats of paint are applied in the process.

The entire body shell is baked in our oven, ensuring that the paintwork has an extremely durable finish with immense depth of gloss.

The paintwork is then machine-polished and finally hand-polished for a minimum of three days to provide the ultimate appearance.


Following paint removal, the body shell is inspected carefully for fractures in the fibreglass and gel coat. Fractures in fibreglass are repaired using glass mat and resin applied in layers. Fractures in the gel coat are repaired using glass tissue

The painting process is similar to the procedure described under Steel-bodywork.


Following paint removal, the restoration process is similar to the procedure described under Steel-bodywork with the exception that panel repairs are welded in place using TIG

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During the restoration of many Classic Cars the replacement of some parts with genuine off-the-shelf parts is impossible. It therefore is necessary to produce custom made replacements.
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